Machines and machines everywhere,

Machines to fly, move, run, eat, drink, flush, sleep

Machines on my right, left, top, bottom, center

Machines here and there,

Machines within and outside

Machines are what makes us, without em we are nowhere!



  1. It’s evolution and machines are in for the ride with us. It’s a question of who has control over whom. By the way, love the above. Very ‘Another Brick in the Wall 2’.

  2. nice!!.. ur recent work?
    my comment: the fact that you can think on these lines and people can comment proves that situation is not out of control yet.. although i agree we are going in that direction.

    1. Thanks Ram:-). Not my recent work again.
      By saying out of control, i meant we cant think of doing anything without a machine now. I am myself so obsessed with mobile, PC etc., etc., My granny becomes so depressed if there is no power and TV!!

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