I am part of an urban culture that is obsessed with multiplex, mall-going, shopping brands, lifestyle products, flaunts and talks about his/her lifestyle in online/offline social circles (mostly online). This disposable economic power or purchasing power comes from long hours of illogical working (that is perceived to be hard work) and gets rewards of self gratifying, ego-boosting products for a complete/fulfilling life at home or otherwise. In short, we produce at work and consume at home.

Consumerism has emerged as the ‘uber cool’ religion that is established itself at supersonic speed across the world and overthrows all others by objectifying human emotions, instantly gratifying with small fleeting ‘nirvana-like’ pleasures, and that teaches us to solely pursue economic goals at the expense of environmental, social, or ethical concerns and keeping us ‘Obsessed’. Unreasonably we are in super hurry with all zeal, energies and unwavering devotion to collect and possess as many things/products as we can in the shortest possible time and are ready to fight with our own psyche and defy conventional value systems in the pursuits.

As Wikipedia says – To those who embrace the idea of consumerism, these products are not seen as valuable in themselves, but rather as social signals that allow them to identify like-minded people through consumption and display of similar products. Few would yet go so far, though, as to admit that their relationships with a product or brand name could be substitutes for healthy human relationships that sometimes lack in a dysfunctional modern society.

I am not sure whether this consumerist culture that we see today is a development or a symptom. There may be debates that these are the signs of growing economy, expansion, advancement and shows the prosperity of a city or a nation. The cost for this according to me is human ethics, value systems, relationships and in my series of paintings, I have tried to mirror what I see and feel around.

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