Truth or Trash – Short Film

Manipulation strategies are not limited to consumerism, but infect every aspect of our lives. They mold our personal values, shape our perceptions, and undermine our thinking. Everything we see, eat, feel, hear, watch, do etc., has been carefully branded, packaged, and commercialized by titans to achieve their own financial, social, and political ends. A small coterie of human behemoths control large networks of people by controlling the message and coercion. There are Belief systems that are shoved onto us right from the day we are born and our brains cling to these Beliefs in order to protect us from truths that threaten our sense of security. These are inconvenient truths many of us would prefer to ignore!

Concept based on: “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson

Screenplay Adaptation: “They Live” by John Carpenter

Cast: Satvik Mahajan

Cinematography: Vishwas Avathi

Editor, Producer, Director : Praveen Whitefield

Official Selection: 7th Noida International Film Festival 2020

Official Selection: The Lift-Off Sessions, Lift-Off Global Network, Pinewood Studios

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